THE COMPANY - The quality
BASSANI S.p.A., although being a young company, is founded on the "know-how" acquired by Leo Bassani, managing director of the company, one of the first in Italy to specialise in the manufacturing of tanks for electrical transformers.
The company BASSANI S.p.A., witch ISO 9001:2000 certification, is highly specialised in the complete construction of structural work for electrical power and distribution transformers and in the construction and marketing of corrugated panels.
Modern automatic and semi-automatic plants that have been recently bought have guaranteed high standards of quality and safety and ensure respect for dimensional tolerances.
All the welders are qualified according to UNI EN 287.1 regulations and are fit for nondestructive controls, according to A.S.N.T.-TC1A recommendations and supplements..
The production engineering department can propose new construction solutions, participate in projects aimed at improving the product and carry out mechanical fatigue tests on tanks witch corrugated walls.
The surface treatments and the painting of our products (electrical power and distributions transformers and corrugated panels) are carried out using automatic and semi-automatic plants that use water-soluble products in conformity witch European standards on environment protection and over time guarantee protection against corrosion.
There are also surface treatments for high protection, witch special painting cycles, hot and cold galvanising and metallization.

The product lines of BASSANI S.p.A. are divide into three mail categories:
  • Machines in sheet metal witch radiator cooling
  • Machines witch corrugated panel cooling
  • Corrugated panels

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